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Critical Acclaim



Coined as the "#1 Digital Magazine In The World & Quarterly Print Magazine on Newsstands Both Nationally & Internationally!" Hype Magazine has been serving media since 2002. Abraham Geovanni has been covered twice on this incredibly popular outlet.



Abraham Geovanni was covered 4 times on the most visited Christian Rap / Christian Hip-Hop destination online.

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With over 3,000 likes on Facebook LTTM has posted 5 Articles on Abraham Geovanni.



With over 71,000 followers on Instagram and countless other following @voyageatl known to highlight "Atlanta's Most Inspiring Stories." discovered Abraham Geovanni around the time of his THISHOWIWORSHIP EP tour stops in Atlanta! They covered his music career and publicized a lot of great material.

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Hip Hop Wired

With over 289,000 supporters worldwide it is no doubt Hip Hop Wired is one of the leading sources of Hip Hop News. On 11/23/2020 Abraham Geovanni's "Perfect Harmony" Music Video was published on Hip Hop Wired "Daily Visuals"



One of the leading Urban Christian Media companies out Trackstarz wrote an article on Abraham's "Lit Like This" freestyle which addresses deception from the devil!




Made to help discover the best Christian Music and to keepup-to-date on the newest Christian music releases. Abraham's single "King Jesus" was covered on this European media platform.

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Tremr - Djess Jacques

Independent Journalist Djess Jacques interviewed Abraham back on January 16th, 2015 ; years before he became a fully committed man of God. This interesting interview dictates his early struggles and the raw real talk of modern issues for young Abraham Geovanni as a conscious rapper in the then secular scene he surrounded himself with.


Power 77 Radio

Urban Christian radio station playing Hip Hop, Rap, and Rhythm & Praise (R&B) music targeting Dallas, Texas covers Abraham Geovanni single "Infinite"


CT Post

Founded in 1883, The Connecticut Post is a daily newspaper located in Bridgeport, Connecticut. It serves Fairfield County and the Lower Naugatuck Valley. In this article Abraham is found surrounded by his family, Mayor Harry Riling and members of the Norwalk Police Department holding a sign for Officer Cesar Ramirez Drive during a ceremony in Norwalk, Conn. Nov. 1, 2021. Chestnut Street has been named in honor of Abraham's dad, a veteran Norwalk Police officer who passed following a battle with cancer in 2020.

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Nancy On Norwalk

Nancy On Norwalk, Arguably Norwalk CT's biggest News source aside from The Norwalk Hour covered a piece on Abraham's dad and talked about Abraham Geovanni speaking at the ceremony honoring his late dad, Norwalk Police Officer Cesar Ramirez. Filled with a 3 minute video of the ceremony and a one minute speech by Abraham side by side with the Mayor of Norwalk, his Mother, The Police Chief & other dignitaries.


The Hour

Founded in 1871, The Norwalk Hour is a daily newspaper published in Norwalk, Connecticut, by Hearst Media Services, Connecticut. In this article Abraham is found talking about his dad actions which exemplified his pops dedication to community service and helping others.



At the beginning of 2018 Abraham was nominated for a guest interview on Traxx24 (A website popularly known to interview up & coming artist) .

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